About Us


New Horizon capital is a Financial services company which focuses on wealth management to help clients fulfill their goals and achieve financial security.

Why New Horizon Capital ?

Our Approach

After understanding your financial goals and needs, we prepare individual financial plans, recommend investment strategies, and develop close relationship to achieve results. 

We believe you have to stick to sound long-term investment strategies to create comfortable retirement, pay for children’s education, meet future marriage expenses, protect your family with insurance, and build a legacy for your heirs with proper estate planning. 

Our Goal

Our Goal is to provide personalized and professionally-managed financial solutions to clients by focusing on risk management to ensure financial freedom. It’s a state when your passive income exceeds you expenses.

Our Strength

Our Strength with over a decade of Experience in the wealth management field, extensive market research and having managed over 100 crs of Assets we are well equipped to take care of your requirements and help you achieve your goal.

Vijay's Profile

Mr Vijay Shyam Kalra, the founder consultant at New Horizon Capital, is an AMFI and IRDA certified Wealth Management professional with a stellar record in managing investment portfolios for over 750 clients since 2006. A gold medallist in MBA, specializing in Marketing & Finance from MATS (now CMS Business School), Vijay served a leading private sector bank for 8 years before turning entrepreneurial in 2014. He is currently managing assets of nearly 100 Cr. for 225+ clients. When he is not knitting a strategy for your investment plan, he is netting at a badminton court.