Loan against Securities

Loan against Securities

Our Loan Against Securities (LAS) offers you a wonderful opportunity to take care of your financial needs without liquidating your investments. It gives you the freedom to enjoy the double benefit of getting quick liquidity on your securities, while you continue to earn returns on them.

All you need to do is to pledge your Shares, Mutual funds or Securities as collateral and you can get a loan against securities ranging from Rs.5 lacs to Rs.10 crores (7.5 crores against Shares/Mutual Funds and 10 crores against Bonds/Debt Instruments). With the added advantage of quick processing and attractive interest rates, you can be sure that your today and tomorrow are secure.

  • Get high-value loans
  • Enjoy attractive interest rates
  • Avail of overdraft facilities
  • Pay interest only on the amount utilised
  • Enjoy no pre-payment charges

Investors in need of short term funds, can avail loans against their existing investment in a hassle free manner from reputed service providers. The loan eligibility is available online for the investors and is updated dynamically based on their existing investments.